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Welcome to The Barnehurst Federation of Schools!


Choosing the right school for your child can be an unnerving process and it is vitally important that you feel that your child is in a school which upholds the same values that you do as a parent.  With this in mind I would like to share with you why I believe so strongly that Barnehurst is the very best place for your child.


Firstly, we are a COMMUNITY school.  We believe strongly that parents, grandparents and other family members should be a part of their child’s school life.  School should never be an unfamiliar place that your child attends each day.  At Barnehurst you will feel part of our school and part of our community.


Secondly, we CARE for the children in our school.  We care for them as individuals, for their education and for their wellbeing.  We know each child by name and we pride ourselves on catering for individuals needs so that they flourish.


Finally, we will CHALLENGE your child at all stages in their education.   We are creating the leaders of the future and we will ensure that your child fulfils their fullest potential in all areas of the curriculum.


When your child starts school, you begin a seven to eight year relationship with The Barnehurst Federation of Schools and that relationship is based on us all having children’s best interests at heart.  We take seriously the knowledge that we have a responsibility for your most precious possession: your child. 


During those seven to eight years there will be significant highs and there may even be some lows.  As long as parents and the school continue to work together towards providing a high quality education for each child I believe that your child’s time at The Barnehurst Federation will be very productive and will provide a first class education and foundation on which their lives will be built.


Mrs C Malone

Head Teacher

The Federation of Barnehurst Schools