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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!
Picture 1 Mrs C Malone, Head Teacher
Picture 2 Mr B Broughton, Deputy Head Teacher
Picture 3 Mrs J Woodham, Deputy Head Teacher

Class Teachers

Class Teachers 1 Mrs N Arber
Class Teachers 2 Mrs S Chandler
Class Teachers 3 Miss J Cousins
Class Teachers 4 Miss M Dallimore
Class Teachers 5 Mrs B Eagles
Class Teachers 6 Mrs S Gill
Class Teachers 7 Mrs S Harris
Class Teachers 8 Mr G Haslewood
Class Teachers 9 Miss L Herbert
Class Teachers 10 Mrs L Hill
Class Teachers 11 Mrs N Hill
Class Teachers 12 Mrs B Hindocha
Class Teachers 13 Mrs K King
Class Teachers 14 Mrs N Millbank
Class Teachers 15 Mrs K Smith
Class Teachers 16 Mrs H Thurgood
Class Teachers 17 Miss H Tragheim
Class Teachers 18 Mrs E Turtle
Class Teachers 19 Miss N Wade, Schools Direct Teacher
Class Teachers 20 Mrs K Webster
Class Teachers 21 Mrs C Wilson
Class Teachers 22 Mrs J Worrall

Teaching Assistants

Teaching Assistants 1 Mrs H Baseley
Teaching Assistants 2 Mrs K Black
Teaching Assistants 3 Mrs L Blackie
Teaching Assistants 4 Miss C Brooks
Teaching Assistants 5 Mrs N Casserley
Teaching Assistants 6 Mrs M Cheetham
Teaching Assistants 7 Mrs M Conroy
Teaching Assistants 8 Miss T Edge
Teaching Assistants 9 Mrs M French
Teaching Assistants 10 Mrs A Gander
Teaching Assistants 11 Mrs J Golding
Teaching Assistants 12 Mrs M Martin
Teaching Assistants 13 Miss N Metcalfe
Teaching Assistants 14 Mrs A Neal
Teaching Assistants 15 Mrs K Pettis
Teaching Assistants 16 Mrs D Priddy
Teaching Assistants 17 Mrs L Read
Teaching Assistants 18 Mrs J Sadhra
Teaching Assistants 19 Mrs C Singh
Teaching Assistants 20 Mr L Smith
Teaching Assistants 21 Mrs E Torode-Sims

Office Staff

Office Staff 1 Mrs A Cambridge, Finance Assistant
Office Staff 2 Mrs J Gove, SEN Admin Assistant
Office Staff 3 Mrs L Smith, Admin Officer
Office Staff 4 Mrs P Smith, Admin Assistant
Office Staff 5 Mrs G Thornborrow, Admin Officer

Midday Leaders

Midday Leaders 1 Mrs G Brockbank
Midday Leaders 2 Mrs J Golding
Midday Leaders 3 Mrs W Hawkins
Midday Leaders 4 Mrs K King
Midday Leaders 5 Mrs L Oxley
Midday Leaders 6 Mrs J Payne
Midday Leaders 7 Mrs L Read
Midday Leaders 8 Mrs J Sadhra
Midday Leaders 9 Mrs N Smith
Midday Leaders 10 Mrs L Streeton
Midday Leaders 11 Mrs E Torode-Sims
Midday Leaders 12 Mrs L Tracey
Midday Leaders 13 Mrs S Witchlow

Premises Site Manager

Premises Site Manager 1 Mr K Cumming

Premises Cleaning Staff

Premises Cleaning Staff 1 Mrs K King
Premises Cleaning Staff 2 Miss T Richards
Premises Cleaning Staff 3 Mrs S Witchlow