Pupil Leadership Team

At Barnehurst, we recognise the importance of pupils taking ownership of their learning and having greater roles within school decision-making.  The term pupil leadership refers to education principles and practices that reflect the importance of providing children with the opportunities and support to play a role in making the decisions that affect them. The aims of our Pupil Leadership Team include:

  • Recognising that pupils have logical perspectives and opinions on issues that matter in the classroom, in the school, and in the community.
  • Giving pupils an active role in influencing decisions about these issues as well as in the implementation of these decisions.
  • Enabling pupils to participate as active young Global Citizens.

Our Pupil Leadership Team is organised into teams according to the school priorities.  These are:

Let's Get Active Leaders

As a Let’s get Active leader you will work alongside Mr Turner and help to promote leading a healthy physical lifestyle for all children across the school.
Active leaders are:
  • Good communicators
  • Someone who an understanding of what it means to live a healthy and active lifestyle
  • Someone who is passionate about exercising on a daily basis

Inclusion Leaders

Inclusion Leaders work alongside Mrs Neaves to help ensure everyone is included at Barnehurst.

Inclusion Leaders are:

•Passionate about ensuring everyone can learn
•Able to ask others about their learning as well as knowing what helps you
•Able to speak in a group to share ideas and listen to others
•Creative and ready to try new things

Wellbeing Ambassadors

Wellbeing Ambassadors work alongside Mrs Evans and promote Positive Wellbeing throughout the school
Wellbeing Ambassadors are:
  • Good listeners
  • Shows our value of kindness all of the time
  • Someone who is passionate about promoting positive Wellbeing throughout our community

Curriculum Leaders

Curriculum Leaders work alongside Mrs Hunter helping to shape the curriculum at Barnehurst.  This year we have computing, Humanities and Global Citizenship leaders.

Currculum Leaders are:

  • Have a passion and interest in one of the subjects
  • Able to speak in a group to share your ideas
  • Confident in speaking to adults about your subject of interest