The Wonders

The project involves creating a values led curriculum that will supersede our current PSHE curriculum, with the exception of certain compulsory elements, that will continue to be taught discretely.

The current values system will be reviewed and changed from the current model of 6 to a model of 7 values. Each value will have a physical area of the school assigned to it, alongside an explicit value.

This will also have a unique curriculum that the children will follow for each year that they spend in our school. The curriculum will involve the children undertaking a project about their value whereby they produce an ‘end product’.

This curriculum will take our current successful values system to the next stage whereby children will take ownership of each value, each year and start to learn about how these values impact and are demonstrated in our wider community and not just within our school.

The curriculum will incorporate key issues in modern life in Britain such as bullying, protected characteristics, valuing and respecting others, media topics (e.g. child abduction) and making risk assessments in life to stay safe (e.g. road safety, drugs and drink, e-safety, radicalisation and extremism etc.). These areas will be taught in a discussion based forum allowing children to feel safe whilst learning the things they need to in order to stay safe. Many of these elements are part of our current PSHE and SMSC provision and are just being ‘re-jigged’ in line with our values-based teaching approach.

Stage 1

To create 7 new values to both schools that will underpin the project - Spring 1.

Stage 2

Mrs Malone to decide upon the overview of the curriculum and how this will link to each value - including a process -

i.e explore, design and create? Spring 1.

 Stage 3

Mrs Malone to begin to involve the curriculum leaders / Mrs Martin in the writing of the new curriculum considering what type of work the children could complete alongside the value - Spring 2.

 Stage 4

Curriculum to be drafted for each area by Mrs Malone - timeline Summer term. Review fundamental British values to incorporate and key topics around life in modern Britain.

 Stage 5

To create costings by contacting companies with regards to physical spaces and lettering of new values for each area across the site - Summer 1

Stage 6

areas to be assigned and each physical space timelined for completion - Summer 2. 

The Wonders Curriuclum In Each Year Group

Reception          Wonders Plan - Team Reception

Year 1               Wonders Plan - Respect Year 1

Year 2              Wonders Plan - Happiness Year 2

Year 3              Wonders Plan - Asprire Year 3

Year 4              Wonders Plan- Honesty Year 4

Year 5              Wonders Plan- Love of Learning Year 5