How to keep your child safe online

How to keep your child safe online

Our children are using more and more of the Internet to support their learning and to have fun.  It is vital that we consider their online safety as we would their physical well-being.

National online safety produces many guides to support with online safety. They aim to be at the forefront of educational awareness of internet safety in the UK.


These guides include:

  • Mental health online
  • Minecraft online
  • Facebook safety
  • Social Media              … and so much more


Please remember that many games and apps have an age restriction. It is your responsibility to set adequate controls and to monitor the content of what your child is accessing at home.

You can find more about online safety here…..


Each webisite will have their own complaints process that you might need to access if you feel that it is necessary. Please be aware of the age restrictions each website / app has. 


Please see below links to some common sites

Youtube :

Instagram: http//