Severe Weather Closures

These are the procedures for informing you whether The Barnehurst Federation schools will be open or not should there be snow or any other extreme weather conditions

In the event that the school has to close due to severe weather then a large banner will be placed at the top of this website and we will send you a text via ParentMail. We know from past experience that the text messaging systems get overloaded and the message can be delayed quite severely. We will also send an email to you so you can check those as well. Please check that your ParentMail details are up to date.

We will endeavour to make a decision as to whether the schools are open or closed by 7:30am. The reasons we will close are lack of staff, lack of water, lack of meals or a dangerous site.

When a decision is made, we will update this website, a message will be left on our answer phone and you will be sent a text and an email as stated above.

Should you not have internet access, please phone 020 8408 7508 and enter one of the following numbers:

Infant - 303 5200

Junior - 303 5201