Mental Health First Aider

Mental Health First Aiders at Barnehurst



At Barnehurst, we have eight members of staff who are full trained Youth Mental Health First Aiders.  These are:

Mrs Evans

Mrs Neaves

Mrs Priddy

Ms Edge

Mrs Tracey

Ms Steetham

Mrs Rainey 

Miss Houlihan


Our Mental Health First Aiders have the confidence and tools they need to help spot early signs of mental health issues in young people, provide first aid and help guide them towards the support they need.   First Aiders are able to listen, reassure and respond to our children's needs and allow early intervention to prevent things escalating to crisis point. 

Our children have had an assembly where they were introduced to all the Mental Health Fist Aiders and how the children can have access to the staff should they need support.

The trained staff are a mixture of staff from across the school, including, teachers, support staff and Midday Leaders.  The staff have MHFA Badges which allows them to be easily identified.