If you need to contact any member of staff you can do so through the school office.

Senior Leadership Team

Mrs L Shields

Mrs T Hunter
Deputy Headteacher

Mrs L Neaves
Assistant Headteacher

Inclusion Team

Mrs L Neaves
Assistant Headteacher - Inclusion SENCO

Mrs N Evans
Family Engagement and Wellbeing Leader

Extended Leadership Team

Miss C Coulson
English Leader and Year 4 Class Teacher

Miss D Eyles
Maths Leader and Year 2 Class Teacher

Miss M Lintott
Lower key Stage 2 Phase Leader and Year 3 Class Teacher

Mrs K Leach
Upper Key Stage 2 Leader and Year 6 Teacher

Mrs A Maw
EYFS Leader and Reception Teacher

Mrs J Rowell
Key Stage 1 Phase Leader and Year 1 Teacher

Class Teachers

Nursery Mrs Hill
  Miss Fox
Reception Mrs Maw
  Mrs Turtle
Year 1 Mrs Rowell
  Mrs Milbank and Miss Harris
Year 2 Mrs England-Lee
  Miss Eyles
Year 3 Miss Lintott
  Mr McGookin
Year 4 Ms El Khalaf
  Miss Couson and Mrs Neaves
Year 5 Mrs Leach
  Miss Farren
Year 6 Mrs Gill
  Mr Bansal


Specialist Teachers

Mr M Sem PE Teacher
Mrs L Matthews Music Teacher
Mr A Raynbold Music Teacher


Higher Level Teaching Assistants and Cover Supervisors

Mrs H Baseley HLTA and Forest School Leader
Mrs M Martin HLTA and Forest School Leader
Mrs D Priddy Cover Supervisor
Mrs Tompkins Cover Supervisor


Teaching Assistants

Miss C Brooks Year 1 Teaching Assistant
Ms C Brown Apprentice EYFS Practitioner
Mrs M Cheetham Nursery Nurse
Miss M Cave Year 1 Teaching Assistant
Miss T Edge Teaching Assistant
Mrs A Gander Nursery Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Golding Year 2 Teaching Assistant
Miss S Houlihan Reception Teaching Assistant
Mrs M Hutchings Reception Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Kierepka Teaching Assistant
Mrs C Rainey Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Sadhra Year 2 Teaching Assistant
Mrs L Streeton Teaching Assistant
Miss M Smith Apprentice Teaching Assistant
Mrs L Tracey Teaching Assistant

Wraparound Care - The BASE

Ms K. Smith.          Wraparound Care Supervisor
Miss C Evans Wraparound Care Assisatant
Mrs L Murrills Wraparound Care Assistant

Office Staff

Miss J Adams Admin Support Assistant
Ms R Hopgood Admin Support Officer
Miss N Jones Admin Support Officer


Midday Leaders

Mrs L Tracey Senior Midday Leader
Mrs K King Midday Leader
Miss C Sadler Midday Leader



Mr L Polden Site Manager
Mr F Shields Site Assistant