Special Educational Needs (SEN)

Supporting SEN at Barnehurst

Inclusion Lead  and SENCo – Louise Neaves

SEN Governor – Steve Ristow


All children learn in different ways. It is our vision at Barnehurst that every child is provided with an education which will meet their needs, providing a learning environment in which all children can achieve their full potential. Supporting SEN needs within a school is done in a variety of ways. At Barnehurst, we use ‘The Bexley Toolkit’ to help ensure we are able to use early identification in order to implement the tier of support to meet individual needs.

Class-based support

Within the classroom, there are many strategies that are used to support learning - such as:

  • Supportive learning environment – with helpdesks and working walls which support vocabulary and current learning.
  • Being seated in an appropriate place in the classroom to support hearing, vision or concentration and in mixed ability to support learning and build communication skills.
  • Resources to aid concentration
  • Pale coloured backgrounds on whiteboards, as well as using a clear font
  • Modelling of tasks
  • Visual supports to calm anxiety and help with organisation
  • Breaking tasks down into chunks
  • Resources such as wordbanks, sentence starters, maths resources etc.
  • Check-in by an adult to ensure understanding and confidence
  • Responsive marking to address mis-conceptions
  • Small group work with or without an adult
  • Clear verbal instructions
  • Alternative ways of recording work
  • Specific resources such as coloured overlays, pencil grips, task boards etc.
  • Worry boxes or ‘check-in’ points during the day to support well-being


Targeted interventions

We use our constant monitoring and teacher assessments to identify support that a child’s needs.  If a more approach is needed, this can happen in the following ways:

  • Working in class with an adult in a small group
  • Working in a learning pod with an adult, using resources
  •  Gap-fill interventions in small groups
  • Computer-based interventions to support learning
  • Resilience, social skills or language based interventions to support wellbeing.
  • Sensory room access
  • Chill-out club referral


SEN Interventions

If a child has a specific need, such as speech and language or and ASD diagnosis, we are able to offer interventions led by the SEN Team.  These include:

  • Sensory circuits
  • Speech and language sessions to work on careplan targets – we are very lucky to have a speech and language TA to support with this.
  • Therapeutic play – we also have a trained therapeutic play therapist
  • Focused adult support to work on individual targets – both social and academic and targets around mental health.


External Support

At Barnehurst, we are supported by a range of external agencies who we are able to contact in order to the support needed to children and adults when a more specialist intervention is needed. The agencies we have access to are:

  • Early Intervention Team – Bexley
  • Educational Psychologists
  • Auditory Support Team
  • Visual Support Team
  • ASD Advisory Service
  • Family wellbeing
  • Joint Communication Team (speech and language) – Bexley


All staff at Barnehurst are committed to giving every child the best learning experience.  Barnehurst is an inclusive school which values the contribution everyone makes within our community.

Outlined below is the key information regarding SEND information at the Barnehurst Federation of Schools. This includes the schools policy, our offer available for pupils with SEND and the Bexley Local Offer.

SEN Policy

DSEN Information Statement 2020 -2021