Vision and Values

Our School Values were chosen by the team and children and form the heart of everything we do here at The Barnehurst Federation.

ASPIRE - We want to be, the best we can be, in whatever we want to be.

ACHIEVEMENT - We do our very best to become the very best we can be.

HAPPINESS - We take care to ensure everyone in the school is cared for.

HONESTY - We always tell the truth.

LOVE OF LEARNING - We will never waste any opportunity to learn and we ensure learning is challenging and exciting.

RESPECT - We will show respect for others and earn respect for ourselves.

TEAM - We will see that everyone in our school has strengths and we work together.

Educational Vision

We work hard as a leadership team to create a curriculum that is forward thinking and allows us and our children to always be...

'Inspired by Innovation'

Individuals that think differently about the way they approach their learning. Individuals whose behaviour is underpinned by our school values.

Community Vision

We believe our children should have ready access to a wide variety of people and places in the community and those people should be welcomed into our schools.

We want children to see themselves as important members of the local and global community and to understand and appreciate that how they behave and what they say has direct consequences for them and their community, both in and outside of school.