School Uniform

At the Barnehurst Federation we believe that a school uniform is important and we want the children to feel proud to wear our uniform and be proud of the school they belong to.  We ask that all children wear the uniform and we encourage them to maintain a good standard of clean and tidy dress in school.

School uniform can be purchased from Boffins School Outfitters.


Cardigan (maroon with embroidered script) or Jumper (maroon with embroidered script)

Blouses (saxe blue) or Shirts (saxe blue)

Polo shirt (sky blue)

Skirt (maroon, approved style only)

Pinafore (maroon, approved style only) 

Trousers (grey)

Shorts (grey)

Summer dress (blue and white check)

Tights (black)

Socks (grey)

Book bag (maroon, badged)

Rucksack (maroon, badged)

School cap (royal, badged)

Fleece jacket (maroon, reversible with embroidered script, optional)

Waterproof set (navy, optional)

Sensible black school shoes (No black trainers or similar or open toed/open backed shoes)

PE Kit

T-shirt(white, short sleeve)

Shorts(royal blue)

Sweatshirt (maroon)

Joggers (maroon)

Plimsolls (black, velcro)

P.E. bag (maroon, badged)









Hair and Accessories

We would request that hair accessories should be of a small and simple design and if possible in school colours.

Children with long hair should wear it fastened back.  Extreme hairstyles considered inappropriate by the Senior Leadership Team are not permitted e.g. emblems, lines shaved into the hair, dyed hair, Mohicans, etc. 

Make up and nail varnish are not acceptable.

Only small, single stud earrings may be worn which must be one colour and of a plain design.  All earrings, jewellery and hair decorations MUST be removed by the child during PE. 


Money, valuables and personal belongings

Children should not bring money to school unless for a good reason.  The school will take no responsibility for money or valuables left in desks, coat pockets or bags in the cloakrooms.  All money brought in for donations etc must always be paid in first thing in the morning and should be brought in a sealed, labelled envelope.

Articles such as rings, necklaces, bracelets etc are not appropriate wear for school and should be left at home.   Watches and Fitbits may be worn at the owners risk, alarms should be turned off during school time and these should not be connected to the internet or play games.   

Mobile phones or other digital equipment must not be brought in the Infant School under any circumstances.  Any items brought in by Junior children must be left in the Junior school office or with a class teacher upon arrival and retrieved at home time.