MfL at Barnehurst

At Barnehurst, we recognise the importance of communication skills in all languages. We follow a French curriculum which aims to provide children with broad experiences of French language and culture and be able to express themselves fluently in French at the end of their time in Primary School.

Throughout the scheme, children encounter spoken language through nursery rhymes, songs and poems and there are multiple opportunities to develop sound recognition skills through reading, writing, listening and speaking. We recognise that it is not possible to teach many languages to level where children can speak it confidently. However, it is vital that children experience a range of spoken languages. Members of the school community who speak a different language will be encouraged to share that with children on cultural experience days and children will be encouraged to learn greet each other and count to ten in a variety of languages. 

The teaching of languages forms an important part of the school’s SMSC curriculum too, encouraging children to develop the skills to become culturally and socially aware of non-English speaking people and practices. 


French Implementation 

Nationally, the teaching of MFL is statutory at KS2 and optional at KS1. At Barnehurst School we teach French throughout Year 1 – 6 using the Scheme of Work La Jolie Ronde ©. The scheme is a progressive one which builds on previous learning and is delivered in 3 key areas: Literacy - reading and writing in French,  Oracy - communicating by listening to and speaking French, and exploring French culture. 

The knowledge and vocabulary progression across each year group is exemplified in our curriculum Building Blocks  

Cultural experience days will enable children to access a range of languages that are not English or French. 

In Upper Key Stage 2, children will be encouraged to use Duolingo accounts, set up and administered through school, to widen their experience of French, as well as another language. 

Assessment within the teaching of French is done through monitoring of building blocks and progression, as well as termly feedback to the MFL curriculum leader. Areas for development within each class are identified and actioned termly. The subject leader acts on the information provided by teachers to adapt the curriculum for the following years. 

Subject Impact  

By the time children leave our school, they will have become confident, curious life-long learners. They will enjoy the exploration of new vocabulary and making links across language and cultures. They will be eager to explore language and culture and will be open to the possibility of learning to communicate with others in their native language. The confidence that comes with both understanding and being understood, will prepare them well for life in the wider world.