Global Citizenship

“We want our children to believe they can make a difference” 


“We want our children to take risks and aspire to achieve their goals.” 


“We want our children to be resilient and challenge themselves and each other in order to succeed together.” 

                                                                                                                                                                                                     International education comparisons based on narrow skills will become increasingly meaningless. We need to champion a new kind of learning; one which values teamwork, creativity and the diversity of opinion held within our classrooms.  We need to educate our children to think more critically, more ethically and become more geo-politically aware. 

Global Challenges Insight Report: The Future of Jobs 2017 


Employers are calling for education to expand its focus beyond the traditional cognitive domain. A recent survey by PwC indicates the need for schools to increasingly emphasise teamwork, resilience, creativity and mindset.  


Alongside the need to ensure our education system is preparing children for the future, sits the desire to make our world a better place.  


This calls for us to think about our Barnehurst Curriculum differently. If we want children who can believe, achieve and succeed together, the change must start with us. We want our children to thrive in our challenging world. We want them to be able to apply their skills and thinking to new situations and know they can make a difference.  




Our curriculum is underpinned by education for global citizenship and our values. We believe that our children are entitled to an education that equips them with the knowledge, skills and values they need to embrace the opportunities and challenges they encounter; creating a future that they want to live in. Learning is brought to life through current contexts that connects to our children’s lives - who they are, how they fit into the world and how they can contribute back.



Our curriculum connects to real life, promotes thinking as a global citizen and develops the attitude and disposition of our children to make an impact on society. Our curriculum connects what is taught, as in knowledge and skills, with purpose.    


We see our curriculum as one that allow children to see they can make a difference. That their contributions to the world are valuable and can make a change. We want our children to have an emotional link with their leaning and for them to learn collaboratively and supporting their peers.  


Curriculum Implementation 

 Our Curriculum is underpinned by education for global citizenship and each term the focus will be linked to one of three global themes. We chose one theme per term in order for us to ensure our children have depth of learning and thinking.   




These themes will form the bases of a global learning project and will be broken down into knowledge and understanding, skills and attitudes. We have been inspired by the work of Global Dimension and Oxfam’s Education for Global Citizenship when planning our curriculum projects. These have allowed our themes to link with global issues as seen below.  


Our People 

  • Social justice and equity 
  • Identity and diversity 
  • Human rights 

Our World 

  • Globalisation and interdependence 
  • Sustainable development 

Our Choices 

  • Peace and conflict 
  • Power and governance                                                                                                                                     

 Across each year a number of high-quality core texts are used to create links and promote connectedness with the themes.