Global Citizenship

Our Curriculum is underpinned by education for global citizenship and each term the focus will be linked to one of three global themes. We chose one theme per term in order for us to ensure our children have depth of learning and thinking.  


Through our knowledge, understanding and skills we aim to develop our children’s cognitive capacity but we need to ensure there is equal focus given to the affective domain. Here through our focus on values, motivations and attitudes towards learning we can ensure our children know the impact of their actions.

Each of our subjects has been carefully planned and that the key concepts within each of the subjects are identified. These key concepts are the disciplinary aspects of each subject and are chosen t to build conceptual understanding within the subjects. These key concepts repeat many times over the years at school enabling pupils to reinforce and build upon their prior learning. Within each key concept are curriculum connectors which ensure that key knowledge is clearly mapped out for progression. Individual building blocks are identified in each year group to ensure that children progress is clearly mapped out and for all staff to know children's prior knowledge and where to go next.