Music Curriculum 

Music is a world within itself and a language we can all understand’ – Stevie Wonder

At the Federation of Barnehurst Schools, we strongly agree with Mr Wonder! Music is a universal language that allows for self-expression and creativity. Our intent is to provide children  with these skills and give them memorable experiences on their musical journey with us because music has the power to change lives.


We provide children with the tools and resources to explore and appreciate a diverse range of musical genres and instruments from different time periods, traditions and cultures. The children have the support of an experienced Music teacher and the Charanga Music Scheme, to gain essential language and listening skills, technical vocabulary and composition. Children also develop an understanding of how music can positively influence their lives and others around them.

Our children are able to explore and identify their own sense of musicality. From counting basic beats to composing and writing a rap, our children have opportunities to showcase their developing talent as musicians. We encourage children to participate in a variety of musical experiences, where they can perform; within the community, school productions and externally in partnership with other schools within the Primary First Trust. Throughout their time at our school, children will have the opportunity to harness the power of ‘performer me.’ Children will feel empowered to develop presence, confidence and the  ability to use voice to speak to audience in experiences such as Christmas productions, singing at the Young Voices concert and performing at The Fairfield  Halls. As well as this, children have the opportunity to participate in Individual, paired or group music instrumental tuition lessons choosing from a range of instruments which are delivered by specialist teachers from Bexley Music. By providing a choice of individual, paired and group tuition, instrumental lessons are accessible to even more children.



We want our children to be confident in their abilities and to always ‘march to their own beat’, with an appreciation of the power that music has, in and around the world.


Music offers a creative and natural way to engage with social and cultural aspects of the curriculum, providing children with the means to immerse themselves in a wide variety of music from different cultures. Music is used as a means of exploring feelings and emotions, as well as a way to express own spirituality and thoughts. We aim to provide children with a broad and rich understanding of music as both a means of self-expression and a knowledge-driven subject. Opportunities for excellence in musicianship are given through opportunities to perform as well as create.



The curriculum is delivered through the Charanga scheme of work, comprising of a topic a term in each year group. Each unit of work allows for listening and appraising opportunities as well as performing with voices and instruments such as recorder or Glockenspiel.

We have peripatetic teachers providing lessons for 3 terms a year to Year 1 – 4, and one term a year to Years 5 and 6. There are trust-wide opportunities for singing and performing too. 

Assessment is done through careful planning and monitoring of the building blocks within each class, with formal feedback between peripatetic teachers and class teachers done termly. Class teachers feedback to the curriculum subject leader and any actions to be addressed are noted.


At the Federation of Barnehurst Schools, Music is taught across each year group and is delivered by our Music specialists from Bexley Music, who enthusiastically deliver engaging lessons using the Charanga Music Scheme. By combining Charanga Music and specialist teaching, all pupils are able to study in depth; key skills, vocabulary and develop a good understanding and music knowledge. Pupils receive high-quality instruction, sufficient practice time and ongoing feedback to improve their musical responses before learning new content and concepts.




Each unit aims to build on prior learning, to ensure better cognition and retention. Together, with Bexley Music, we carefully sequence units to allow for prior learning to be built upon and  skills to be practiced and advanced in order for children to build schemas of interconnected learning throughout the course of their musical journey. Schemas are related to the four strands of music to ‘describe, explore, compose and perform,’ and ensure children are provided with the underpinning knowledge that they need in order to learn how to construct and deconstruct music.




To ensure our Music curriculum is consistent and purposeful , we review our curriculum annually and the developments we make are from the National Curriculum, staff and pupil feedback.


Our fantastic and well-resourced Creativity Hub is where our Music lessons are delivered weekly. The children thoroughly enjoy a space that allows for creativity. The Charanga Music  Scheme allows for a range of skills to be taught in each year group in the school. The scheme provides informative lesson plans, clear progression objectives and assessment, as well as exciting and interactive whiteboard resources to support every lesson. Charanga supports all the requirements of the national curriculum. In line with the curriculum for music and guidance from Ofsted, this Scheme is an integrated, practical, exploratory and child-led approach to musical learning.


The units of work include the elements of musical learning which correspond with the national curriculum;

  • Listening and Appraising
  • Singing
  • Playing instruments
  • Improvisation
  • Composition
  • Performing


All lessons enable pupils to explore their own response to music. Children are encouraged to discuss and share their ideas using the key music vocabulary, for example e.g. how the composer has used dynamics and tempo to create mood or atmosphere and the effect it has on the listener/audience. The explicit teaching of musical vocabulary begins in EYFS and is built upon throughout the year and across year groups.


In EYFS, children will develop skills in listening attentively, moving to and talking about music,  expressing their feelings and their responses. They will experience singing in a group as well as on their own, increasingly matching

the pitch and following the melody. Children will watch and talk about dance and performance art, express their feelings and responses. Pupils in EYFS will explore and engage in music making and dance, performing solo or in groups. In addition to the daily experiences and opportunities offered in the continuous provision of EYFS the children will have specific musical development sessions using Charanga. 


At Barnehurst we are passionate about sharing and showcasing our talents through performance and we are looking forward to future opportunities where the children can listen and appreciate live music events, once more!


At the end of EYFS, children will have had opportunities to explore a range of sounds and rhythms and be able to join in with whole-class singing. They will be confident at expressing their opinions and preferences. 


At the end of KS1, children will be confident at exploring and creating sounds made with instruments. They will know that they can create their own music as well as listening to that of others.  Children will be confident singers, joining in with whole-school, whole-class, and smaller groups of singers. 


At the end of KS2, children will have had multiple experiences of performing, both within and without school. They will recognise, and be able to express opinions about, different genres of music and singing. Children will have found their resilience and well-being improved through performing, able to overcome self-doubt. They will be able to express themselves in a confident manner and be able to encourage and inspire others through their knowledge and experience.